2018/9/4 "Femtet will be appearing at Engineer Design Show 2018" Oct. 17-18, at the RICOH ARENA, Coventry.
Visit us at booth B5, and Explore how Femtet is shaping the future of CAE solutions for Design and Manufacturing.
2018/9/4 Femtet®2018.0 English version is now available. See new features.
2018/1/29 Femtet® Free is now available.
You can learn basic operations of Femtet such as modeling and simulation.
Application for Femtet® Free is here.
2015/11/16 Over 100 examples of analysis exercise are listed. You can view what Femtet can do.
2015/9/15 Now available to worldwide customers.
2015/6/22 Technical notes are added.


The concept of Femtet® is "A Hands-on CAE Tool".

Are you an R&D engineer interested in studying the behavior of products you are currently developing?
Are you an academic researcher requiring simulations for your study?
If your answer is yes, please try Femtet®.

It is so easy to learn that you will master how to use it very quickly. You no longer need to ask CAE specialists to do simulations for you.

Femtet® is quite versatile and capable of doing simulations in 7 physical domains: Electromagnetic field, Magnetic field, Electric field, Mechanical stress, Thermal conductivity, Piezoelectricity and Acoustic waves.

It can also process multiphysics combining some of the physical domains above.

Corporate Information

Murata Software Co,. Ltd. was established in 2008 to sell Femtet® which was developed by Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. 30 years ago.