Application Showcase

Case 1: Noise Analysis of Module

The objective was to reduce the noise at a particular area of the module. The noise (induced current) was simulated and the PCB design was modified. After the modification, the noise was reduced.

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Case 2: Thermal Design of Substrate

The objective was to evaluate the effect of via holes under an IC chip. The simulation results of the temperature rise with/without via holes indicated that the difference would be only 2 deg.C. So it was decided not to have via holes for cost reduction.

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model with via holes

Model with via holes

model without via holes

Model without via holes

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Case 3: Resonant Analysis of Fixture

The objective was to check the resonance of a fixture accommodating tools. The simulation indicated that the tools would move up and down at the expand-mode resonance at 375kHz. Therefore, the fixture was modified to avoid it.

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Resonance Analysis

Resonant analysis

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