Femtet® is offered at very competitive pricing under one-year license.
Check the pricing for the license packages and and go through the ordering process below.

Check the Pricing

Check the pricing of the package(s) of your interest.

Apply for a Trial Version

Fill in the application.
Submit it together with a c2v file. See Note 1).

You will receive a trial license key (v2c file) from us within 5 working days.
Activate the license with the v2c file. See Note 2)
Download and install Femtet® on your PC. See Note 3)

Once activated, you can use Femtet® for 60 days.
The license is not transferable.

Apply for a Free Version

Fill in the application.
You will receive a e-mail to let you know ID/PASS to download Femtet® Free.
Download and install Femtet® Free on your PC.

You can use Femtet® Free at free of charge for up to one year.

Make a Purchase

If you are satisfied with Femtet®, please apply for a one-year license key.
We will advise you of our shopping site.

Select the license packages you want and pay the total amount with your credit card there.
All the major credit cards are accepted.
We will send you a one-year license key (v2c file) within 5 working days after the payment is confirmed.

Reactivate the license® with this new v2c file. See Note 4)
Once reactivated, you can use Femtet® for a year.
The license is not transferable.

1) Create the c2v file on the PC/server you are going to put the license on.
2) This PC/server needs to be the one you have created the c2v file on.
3) This PC/server is the one you are going to use Femtet. It could be the same one as the licensed PC/server.
4) Use the same PC/server as licensed for the free trial.
If you are changing the PC/server, please contact the support center.