New Features

Modeling/Results Display - Tool panel is implemented in the modeling and results windows. Auxiliary icons for various operations are listed there.
- Viewpoints and drawing planes can be switched to the opposite side just by clicking the corresponding axis.
- The calculation will be aborted immediately upon request.
- Ambient air can be created automatically for some analyses.
- Local orthogonal coordinate system and cylindrical coordinate system can be set for results display.
- Intermediate results/tables can be opened during the simulation for some analyses.
Magnetic Analysis - A new solver, Luvens, is implemented. It analyzes the transient magnetic field. It can solve the distributed magnetic field and the torque of motors and generators. It is the property of Hitachi, Ltd.
- The setting method of current direction is improved.
- The property of magnetic material can be set easily.
- The characteristics of magnet can be defined with B-H as well as M-H.
Electric Field Analysis - Distribution of electric potential on electrodes can be specified.
Mechanical Stress
- Boundary conditions of displacement and load can be switched ON/OFF for each step in step analysis.
- The calculation results of torque and strain energy can be listed on tables.
- Total load can be set as well as unit load for some boundary conditions.
- Distribution data can be entered for reference and reached temperatures in Thermal Load tab.
- The multilinear elastoplastic materials can be defined easily on tables.
- The boundary condition of acceleration can be set for harmonic and transient analyses.
- Hyperelastic materials can be analyzed in static and transient analyses.
- The pressure at contact face can be output.
Thermal-Mechanical Stress
Coupled Analysis
- Thermal conductivity can be anisotropic and/or temperature-dependent in thermal analysis.
- Nonlinear analysis can be performed in mechanical stress analysis.
Acoustic Analysis - Acoustic waves field obtained from directivity calculation can be displayed by contour diagram.
- The 2nd-degree absorbing boundary can be set on any model shapes.
- The fields of modified magnitudes/phases of the driving source can be superposed.
Piezoelectric Analysis "Rigid wall" is now called "Uniform displacement".
Distributions of displacement, pressure, and distributed face load can be specified.
Coupled Analysis
- Fully coupled analysis is improved.

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Solid Modeler / Mesher / Post Processor

Solid Modeler Has many modeling functions:
Primitives, Boolean, Fillet, Chamfer, Sweep, Revolve, Spline, Bonding Wire, Shell, Loft function, etc.
Mesher Automatic meshing: First-order node element(4 nodes) / Second-order node element(10 nodes)
Automatic boolean operation
Automatic imprint operation
Automatic correction for interfering bodies
Adaptive meshing (h method)
Post Processor Has many post processing functions:
Vector plot, Contour plot, Displacement, Section, Integral, Animation, Graphing etc.
Macro Function Excel VBA, VB, VB.NET, C#.NET (COM interface)
CAD Data Import/Export
The following formats are supported by Femtet® Basic
Import: Parasolid® format(.x_t, .x_b), DXF™ format(.dxf)
Export: Parasolid® format(.x_t, .x_b), DXF™ format(.dxf)
The following formats are supported by the optional package, CAD Data Translator
Import: CATIA® V6,V5,V4,Creo™,Pro/ENGINEER®,I-deas JT,Unigraphics®/NX,SolidWorks®,Solid Edge,IGES,STEP,STL,PRC,IFC,VRML
Matrix Solver Direct solver, Iteration solver, Geometric multi-grid, Multi-core (optional)
Other Functions Parametric analysis, Batch processing, Black box database

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Mechanical Stress Analysis

Analysis Functions Static analysis, Harmonic analysis, Resonant analysis, Transient analysis (optional), Large deformation, Buckling analysis (linear)
Material Properties Isotropic/anisotropic elasticity, Rayleigh damping coefficient, Temperature-dependent Young's modulus/coefficent of expansion, Hyperelastic(optional), Elasto-plasticity (optional), Creep (optional), Viscoelasticity (optional)
Boundary Conditions Forced/fixed displacement, Lumped/distributed load, Pressure, Torque, Contact with friction, Uniform displacement
Output Parameters Displacement, Stress, Strain, Reactive force, J-integral
Other Acceleration, Thermal load, Initial strain, Strain energy, Body birth/death, Step analysis, Centrifugal force, Fatigue life (optional)

Thermal Analysis

Analysis Functions Steady-state analysis, Transient analysis
Material Properties Isotropic/anisotropic/nonlinear material
Boundary Conditions Temperature, Heat transfer, Natural convection (automatic aclculation of correction coefficient), Forced convection, Radiation, Thermal resistance, Heat flux
Output Parameters Temperature, Heat flux, Heat density
Other Heat source

Piezoelectric Analysis

Analysis Functions Static analysis, Harmonic analysis, Resonant analysis, Transient resonant analysis (optional)
Material Properties Anisotropic piezoelectricity, Dielectric material, Metal
Boundary Conditions Forced/fixed displacement, Lumped/distributed load, Pressure, Electric wall (voltage-specified/floating electrode), Periodic boundary, Open boundary, Acoustic impedance
Output Parameters Displacement, Stress, Strain, Electric field, Electric flux density
Other Fast frequency sweep, Acceleration, Thermal load, External resister

Acoustic Wave Analysis

Analysis Functions Harmonic analysis
Material Properties Density, Sound speed, Damping
Boundary Conditions Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Distributed pressure, Open boundary, Rigid wall, Acoustic impedance
Output Parameters Sound pressure, Particle velocity, Radiation impedance, Directivity, Sound intensity
Other Fast frequency sweep

Electric Field Analysis

Analysis Functions Static analysis, Harmonic analysis, Plating analysis, Hall effect
Material Properties Isotopic/anisotropic dielectric material, Conductor, Thermal dependency
Boundary Conditions Electric wall (voltage-specified/floating electrode), Open boundary, Plated wall, Periodic boundary
Output Parameters Voltage, Electric field, Electric flux density, Capacitance, Electrostatic force
Other Electric charge

Magnetic Field Analysis

Analysis Functions Static analysis, Harmonic analysis, Transient analysis (optional)
Material Properties Isotropic/anisotropic/nonlinear magnetic material, Magnet, Conductor, Thermal depandency
Boundary Conditions Magnetic wall, Electric wall, Impedance wall, Open boundary
Output Parameters Magnetic field, Magnetic flux density, Induced current, Eddy current, Inductance, Magnetic force, Impedance, Torque, DC superposition characteristic, Joule's loss, Hysteresis loss
Other Current input (port, value, turns, phase), Bulk coil, Motor analysis, First/second-order edge element

Electromagnetic Waves Analysis

Analysis Functions Harmonic analysis, Resonant analysis, Waveguide analysis
Material Properties Isotropic/anisotropic dielectric material, Magnet, Conductor
Boundary Conditions Electric field, Magnetic wall, Impedance wall, Port, Periodic boundary, Open boundary, Lumped constant(L/C/R,S-parameters)
Output Parameters Electric field, Magnetic field, S-parameters, Resonance frequency, Propagation constant, Directivity (2D/3D), Characteristic impedance, Antenna gain, Radiation efficiency, SAR, Near electromagnetic field
Other Fast frequency sweep, Thin-film electrode, Surface roughness, Differential transmission line, Incident waves, First/second-order edge element

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