Femtet® license packages are available at the prices listed below.

January 2017
License Packages Prices (for 1 user for 1 year)
Femtet® Basic $4,999.00-
Femtet® Accelerator (optional) $2,499.00-
Femtet® Advanced Mechanical (optional) $2,499.00-
Femtet® Advanced Magnetic (optional) $2,499.00-
Femtet® Academic $199.00-
CAD Data Translator (optional)
* Check the compatible data formats.

1) Prices are for the English version(The price list for Japanese version is here).
Please contact the support center if you require the Japanese version or are a resident of Japan.
2) Prices do not include sales taxes, if applicable, which will be added to your total price.
3) One-year support is included in the license.
We can help you only on the operational questions or problems of Femtet® .
4) See also FAQs regarding the license usage.
5) Femtet Academic is available only to those who belong to educational organizations such as schools and universities. Please use it for non-commercial purposes.

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